Monday, 20 April 2009

A Reading List for Sufi Beginners 1

Many people who become interested in the Sufi path are looking for good reading material so they can find out more, so I thought I would put together a list of books that I have found helpful. The list includes books about Sufism by contemporary Sufis as well as translations of the classical Sufi masters. I have benefitted a great deal from reading many of these books and some of them bring their own barakah with them, but my motto is nevertheless, To read is good but to practice is better. Just click on any of the books to find more information.

"The Prayer is a drawing of the curtain, an invitation to a secret place that is discovered and explored. . . .
According to tradition and the testimony of Sufi mystics, The Prayer--or Salat--was first taught by the angels, who themselves practiced it in celestial adoration. The Prayer is God's gift to all humankind, and in this gorgeously illustrated volume, its simple, archetypal practice unfolds like a fragrant, many-petaled flower, joining words and movements into a single luminous event that engages our entire being.

Welcome to a Treasure Trove of Sufi Books and Music

Dear Friends and Readers,

Welcome to the Sufi Book and Music Blog. Step in and look around the many sections here that all relate to an aspect of Sufism. There are also DVD's of music from master musicians. If you know of any books that are not here then you are welcome to write and let me know so I can add them. The idea of this site is to bring together in one place as many books on the subject of Sufism as possible so that it is easier for you to discover what is available without doing long searches. So take your time and browse as you would in any library or book store. As I speak of the books available in the store so it is also an opportunity to look at different aspects of the Sufi path and the many friends who have trodden this path in the past and in the present day.